Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Home & Garden Show Classes

Sunday Afternoon Gardening Classes at the Home & Garden Show

Gardening Classes will be taught at the Upper Cumberland Home & Garden Show on Sunday afternoon, March 4, by Putnam County Master Gardeners.  The schedule is:

12:30 PM        The Daylily Diva Dishes the Dirt on Daylilies!
Nancy Rich, Blooming Idiots Farm, will present a program on the culture, propagation and maintenance of today's modern hybrid daylilies.  The infamous Daylily Fashion Show will feature some of the latest trends of AHS daylilies on the market with patterned eyes, teeth and tentacles and the greens and blues.

1:30 PM          Proven Perennials for the Landscape
Teresa Bostic will introduce students to tried-and-true plant selections that will perform year after year. Perennials never go out of style, and they provide a great return on investment.

2:30 PM          Produce a Bountiful Harvest with Square Foot Gardening
Larry McNabb will demonstrate the basics of a gardening technique that requires less weeding, higher yields, and easy maintenance, but provides more bang for your buck in a compact area.


  1. Thats really good to join and have gardening knowledge and tips from masters, for those who are beginners it will be a great chance to attend such classes.

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