Thursday, April 6, 2017

Ag in the Classroom Pics

Putnam County Master Gardeners are once again participating in the Farm Bureau supported Ag in the Classroom at the Tennessee Tech Hyder-Burks Agriculture Pavilion.  
For two days, Putnam County elementary students cycle through a number of activities designed to teach about many facets of agriculture.  In our station, each child has the opportunity to plant a bean and take it home to, hopefully, sprout and grow.  Our members and interns speak with the children about the importance of good soil, sun, and moisture.  
The most fun part is that the children get their hands dirty in the soil.  Here are a few pics from this week.

Our Project Leader 

Here's what you can grow!

The children love the soil!

Having fun!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Plant Sale Flyer Share from Nancy

PCMG Members and Interns,

The flyer in the link below may be posted in businesses around town.  You may either print this from your home printer or stop by the UT Extension Office.  Call Tonya at 931-526-4561 and let her know how many you would like.  She will have them ready for you to pick up and distribute.  This is a simple and easy way to advertise for our plant sale which everyone can participate in.
If you have any other ideas on how we should  advertise our plant sale, let me know!
Thanks everyone!

Here's the link: