Sunday, July 30, 2017

2017 Putnam County Fair Update
Putnam County Master Gardner Exhibit Teams are busy preparing this year's fair displays and have asked for extended support from members and interns.  Your help with any of the following will be appreciated!
Flower and Seed Diversity:
CB would like any seed heads that you can collect in your yard. Please identify and include the name of the plant's seed head, place in a bag, and drop off at the UT Extension building by Monday afternoon, July 31.  Please contact CB if you have any questions.
Shirley needs compost ingredients for the fair exhibit.  The items should be left "bagged" in the compost area at the Fair Building no later than Wednesday, August 2nd.  We need: Egg shells, Banana peels, Coffee grounds, Fruit waste, Vegetables, Corn stalks (chopped), leaves, Straw (Wheat), and Sawdust or Wood chips (1 year old or older) . Note: The compost piles will be small.   Any questions, please call Shirley Smith.
Contemplative Garden:
Please bring your extra garden magazines to the UT Extension building or Fair building by August 2nd. There will be a bench in our garden where guests can sit down, relax, unwind and read through the magazines to get ideas. They may even choose to take a magazine or two home with them!
Charlotte's Web:
Vicky Draper and her team need (two) 8'old wood boards and (one) 6.5' old wood board. Please contact Vicky if you have these items.
Thanks in advance,
CB, Shirley, Nancy, and Vicky