Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Burgess Falls - Educational programs and Hiking Opportunities

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For more information please follow this link:  Burgess Falls - Education and Hiking

TDEC News for the Upper Cumberland

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For the most recent updates on Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Award, Grants, Workshops and more, please follow this link for the full article:

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

June Newsletter 

The PCMG June Newsletter has been posted in the Newsletter tab.

Thanks, as always, to all our contributors!

Friday, May 25, 2018

Cane Creek Pollinator Field Update

What started as a simple idea to expand the Monarch Waystation around the UT Extension building in Cookeville has blossomed into a project involving community partners -- US Fish and Wildlife, Tennessee Wildlife Resources, Putnam County Soil Conservation District, U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service, and Putnam County Master Gardeners -- in creating over 3 acres of pollinator habitat!  

Each partner organization is playing an important role and, together, we are making it happen.  Not only are we providing pollinators with a much-needed habitat -- we are also educating the public in how to plant pollinator-friendly gardens.

The TWRA has recently seeded the fields and we look forward to watching the fields develop into a haven for butterflies, birds, and bees...oh my! 

Special thanks go to PCMG members Nancy Snope and Lynda Cook for their leadership and participation in this worthwhile project.

Photos are shared from the Cookeville Leisure Life magazine the Spring/ Summer 2018 edition.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Basics of Estate Planning - Free Class/Seminar

The Putnam County Extension office is sponsoring a free class, open to the public, on the Basics of Estate Planning on May 16, First National Bank, Cookeville, 10am, 2nd floor.

The class will be hosted by Michelle Parrott and reservations are required by May 9th.

Please phone the UT Extension office to schedule your attendance -- 931-526-4561.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Peppers and Tomatoes at the PCMG Plant Sale
Saturday, Apr 28th, 8am to 2pm

Annuals, Perennials, Herbs, and Veggie lists have also been published.

Please join us!

Green Bell Pepper - Sweet/Mild
Beefsteak - heirloom
Mild Jalapeno - Mild
Big Boy - larger size
Orange Bell Pepper - Sweet/Mild
Cherokee Purple - dark, mahogany-red hue, heirloom
Red Bell Pepper - Sweet/Mild
Early Girl - medium sized
Sweet Banana - Sweet/Mild
Fourth of July - likely to ripen by the 4th
Yellow Bell Pepper - Sweet/Mild
German Johnson Pink - heirloom
Yum Yum - Sweet/Mild r, y, orange
German Red Strawberry - large strawberry shaped
Caroline Reaper - Very Very Very Hot!
Honey Delight - yellow cocktail-ish tomato
Cayenne - Hot
Midnight Snack - cherry - New
Ghost - Very Hot !!!
Mortgage Lifter - heirloom
Habanero - Hot
Oxheart - heart shaped - heirloom
Large Hot Jalapeno - Hot
Patio Princess -  compact
Serano - Hot
Rapunzel - cherry
Roma - plum tomato
Rutgers - heirloom
Sweet 100 - cherry - compact
Sweet Valentine - heart-shaped cherry - New

Herbs and Veggies Available at the PCMG Plant Sale
Saturday, Apr 28, Putnam County Fairgrounds

Basil - Sweet
Cucumbers - Straight 8 (pickling/slicing)
Basil - Red Rubin
Cucumbers - Burpless - Sweeter Yet Hybrid (slicing)
Fennel - Bronze
Cucumbers - Spacemaster 80, compact/container
Chives - Onion
Eggplant - Black Beauty
Cilantro - Calypso - slow bolt
Eggplant - Fairy Tale Hybrid-compact/container
Dillweed - Bouquet
Eggplant - Long Purple
Lavender - Munstead
Rainbow Swiss Chard - Neon Lights
Lavender - Grosso
Squash - Yellow Straightneck - Early Prolific
Oregano - Hot & Spicy
Zucchini - Italian (lighter green, ribbed)
Oregano - Italian
Zucchini - Dark Green (prolific)
Parsley - Curley
Parsley - Flat Leaf
Rosemary - Arp

Thyme - English

2018 Plant Sale - Apr 28 - Putnam County Fairgrounds
Annuals and Perennials Available

Calibrachoa - Superbells - Tropical Sunrise
Amsonia - Blue Ice
Calibrachoa - Superbells - Morning Star
Astilbe - Rheinland - Pink
Calibrachoa - Superbells - Double Orchid
Baptisia - Yellow Indigo
Cleome - Magenta
Black Eyed Susan - Yellow
Coleus - Kong Red
Butterfly Weed - Orange, Hello Yellow
Coleus - Spiced Curry
Catmints - Purple
Coleus - Salsa Verde
Daylily - Multiple
Gerbera - Jaguar Orange Protee
Dianthus - Spotty
Lantana - Confetti
Echinacea - TN Native Cornflower, Other
Lantana - Miss Huff Orange
Gaillardia - Blanket flower - Mesa Red
Lantana - Bandana Cherry
Geranium, Hardy - Pink
Lantana - Rose Glow
Golden Eyed Grass - Sisyrinchium - Yellow
Marigolds - Jaguar
Hellebores - Lenten Rose - White
New Guinea Impatiens - Super Sonic Sweet Cherry
Heuchera (Coral Bells) - Ruby Bells
New Guinea Impatiens - Painted Paradise
Hosta  - Several varieties
Oxalis - Purple shamrock
Hyssop - Lavender color
Petunias - Plum Vain Purple
Lilly of the Valley
Petunias - Red Velour
Lobelia - Queen Victoria
Petunias - Easy Wave Yellow
Monarda (Bee Balm) - Fireball, Tall Burgundy
Tithonia - Sundance
Native Red Honeysuckle
Verbena Bonariensis - Tall, Purple
Rose Campion - Pink/Purple
Verbena - Turkana Raspberry
Salvia (Sage) - Mysty
Verbena - Sparkling Amethyst
Shasta Daisy
Vinca - Pacifica - Orange
Siberian Iris
Zinnias – Zahara Mix
Zinnias – Pinwheel Mix
Strawberry plant - Allstar
Zinnias – Profusion Mix
Sundrops - Yellow
Veronica (Speedwell) - Pink
Woodland Phlox - Pink/Purple
Yarrow - Pink

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

2018 PCMG Plant Sale Reminder

Raised Bed Gardening Class, April 21, 9am
at the Putnam County UT Extension Building

Larry McNabb will teach us how to garden in raised beds on Saturday
morning at the UT Extension Building, 900 S Walnut in Cookeville.

Master Gardening Continuing Education hours will be awarded for this

Please invite family and friends.

PCMG Education Committee

Thursday, April 5, 2018

PCMG Gardening Classes Schedule

On Saturday, Apr 7, at 9am, Putnam County Master Gardeners will present a class on Lawn Establishing and Maintenance.  The class will be at the UT Agriculture Extension Building at 900 South Walnut Avenue in Cookeville.
Friends, family, and responsible students are welcome at no charge.
Here are other classes to be offered by Master Gardeners at this location:
Apr 7 - Lawn Establishing and Maintenance   ---   Scott Chadwell        
Apr 21 - Raised Bed Establishment and Maintenance  ---  Larry McNabb   
May 5 - Gardening for Butterfly and Hummingbirds   ---    Delane Stewart
Jun 23 - Propagation of Cuttings   ---  C. B. Coburn, Barbara Anderson, Linda Anderson
Sep 15 - Food Dehydration   ---  Bonnie Coburn 

PCMG Education Committee

Friday, March 30, 2018

Composting and Earthworm Class - 3/31, 9am
UT Extension Building, Cookeville

Putnam County Master Gardeners will present a class on Composting and Earthworms Saturday (March 31) morning 9:00 O'clock at Extension Building.  Learning fun will be had by all.  Master Gardeners will get Continuing Education credit.

Free to the public....invite family and friends!