Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Peppers and Tomatoes at the PCMG Plant Sale
Saturday, Apr 28th, 8am to 2pm

Annuals, Perennials, Herbs, and Veggie lists have also been published.

Please join us!

Green Bell Pepper - Sweet/Mild
Beefsteak - heirloom
Mild Jalapeno - Mild
Big Boy - larger size
Orange Bell Pepper - Sweet/Mild
Cherokee Purple - dark, mahogany-red hue, heirloom
Red Bell Pepper - Sweet/Mild
Early Girl - medium sized
Sweet Banana - Sweet/Mild
Fourth of July - likely to ripen by the 4th
Yellow Bell Pepper - Sweet/Mild
German Johnson Pink - heirloom
Yum Yum - Sweet/Mild r, y, orange
German Red Strawberry - large strawberry shaped
Caroline Reaper - Very Very Very Hot!
Honey Delight - yellow cocktail-ish tomato
Cayenne - Hot
Midnight Snack - cherry - New
Ghost - Very Hot !!!
Mortgage Lifter - heirloom
Habanero - Hot
Oxheart - heart shaped - heirloom
Large Hot Jalapeno - Hot
Patio Princess -  compact
Serano - Hot
Rapunzel - cherry
Roma - plum tomato
Rutgers - heirloom
Sweet 100 - cherry - compact
Sweet Valentine - heart-shaped cherry - New

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